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Kiln Application Results: Gas consumption reduced by more than 30%

ITC Coatings Performance Results: NC State University Crafts Center

“As a full time maker and ceramic studio manager, it would be a huge mistake for me to not recommend ITC Coatings to anyone working with high temp heat. These products are the safety net we look for, the coat of armor that our equipment deserves, and the next step in saving time and money. Seeing is believing, and with that I highly advocate investing in these energy saving products which can benefit not just your own but everyone’s future as well! Don’t believe me? Let’s talk!”

— Jennifer Siegel Clay Studio Manager, NC State University Crafts Center

ITC Coatings 100HT and 296A were applied to the linings of a couple of the kilns at the NC State University Crafts center. By all accounts the coatings provided some excellent results.

Below are the facts and findings of the application at NC State.

Inside coated raku kiln.JPG
Cone 10 Reduction Kiln.JPG


Facts about the installations:

Cone 10 Gas Reduction Car Kiln, K26 IFB construction with sprung arch, 50 cubic ft

  • Coated with 100HT

  • Outside surface temp reduced by 30+ dF

  • Firing time reduced by 1 hour (28 hour firing

Barrel Raku kiln, 2.5 inch ceramic fiber lining

  • Coated with ITC 296A

  • Outside surface temperature reduced by 50+ degrees F

  • Firing time reduced by HALF

  • Gas consumption reduced by greater than 1/3

Summarizing thoughts from Jennifer Siegel, Clay Studio Manager, NC State Univ. Crafts Center:

  • ITC Coatings are ideal products for anyone working with open flame, contained high-temp heat, or long-term firing equipment.

  • Safety and power efficiency are clearly among the primary benefits of ITC Coatings, as these protective coatings are meant to increase work environment safety, prolong equipment life, and reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

  • On average, brick replacement occurs about every 5-10 years, depending on how hot and how often you're firing. What if that time frame could be doubled? Think about how much money you can save with an affordable, easy to use product like 100HT. Granted there are plenty of kilns out there operating just fine, full of spalled bricks... But how efficient are those firings? 100HT greatly increases the efficiency of firebrick by reflecting heat back into the kiln before it soaks into the brick.

  • Ceramic fiber is nasty stuff - you can't touch it - it deteriorates faster than kiln brick, and it is very easy to damage. ITC 296A can eliminate almost all of those issues. This is the literal 'coat of armor' we've mentioned. An application of 296A on the surface of ceramic fiber creates a powerful shell, one that seals in the loose, itchy fiber and increases its power exponentially.

  • For crank arm/hydraulic lift raku kilns, these coatings add little weight to the load.

  • Before coating my raku kiln with ITC 296A I couldn't touch the outer surface of the kiln. Now I can lightly tap the surface during the peak of firing without worry. This greatly reduced my stress while teaching, you never know if/when a beginner student is going to get a little too close or forget about the hot surfaces! Safety is super important and ITC has improved it greatly!

  • Prolong the life of your kiln brick 100HT!