Knifemaking and metalworking


ITC Coatings have proven to be an absolute necessity for knifemakers, metalworkers and other hobbyists and craftsmen looking to get the most out of their forging operation. With high temperature capacity and durability, ITC Ceramic Coatings are able to withstand the harsh environments that forge owners and operators face on a daily basis.

Because ITC Ceramic Coatings reflect almost all heat (90-98%) on the radiation spectrum, your forge heats will heat up more rapidly. In addition, the heat from the burner is retained in the forge for a longer period of time. Not only does this allow for greatly reduced consumption of fuel by the forge, but it also reduces the amount of heat being soaked into the lining. This both protects and extends the life of the refractory lining, as well as provides a more even heat throughout the forge. When it's time to shut down the forge, the heat can dissipate more quickly, since the forge lining is not soaking up all the heat.

 ITC Ceramic Coatings protect forge refractory and knife making equipment from the harsh environments to which they are exposed. ITC Ceramic Coatings can come into contact with molten metal without being destroyed, providing longer life for tools used in the knifemaking and metalworking processes. ITC Ceramic Coatings can also withstand damaging flux and corrosive agents that attack and destroy forge linings and metalworking equipment. 


ITC 100HT Ceramic Coating

The absolute workhorse in forge lining protection and efficiency. 100 HT can handle the highest temperatures and help reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%. Achieve reduced firing times and more even heats for a better quality product.


ITC 296A Ceramic Top Coat

With a very high temperature rating and a low porosity, 296A is very effective as an added layer of protection to protect brick and fiber refractory from build-up and corrosive agents, further improving forge efficiency.


ITC 148 Heavy Duty Ceramic Repair

A putty-like abrasion-resistant compound for repairing areas exposed to harsh environments and mechanical abuse. Great for tools, walls and floors in contact with molten metal.