About itc coatings



To be the leading provider of technical ceramic coatings to help producers and manufacturers protect their equipment from heat, wear and corrosion, while significantly reducing energy costs, emissions and maintenance. Our aim is to always deliver the highest quality products and service to our customers.

ITC Coatings are high-temperature ceramic coatings for kilns, forges, furnaces, ovens and metal equipment. Our high-reflectivity coatings increase the efficiency of firing equipment and protect refractory and metal surfaces from heat, wear and corrosion.

The ITC line of coatings were developed in 1980 in Alliance, Ohio by Feriz Delkic, a ceramic engineer who was running his own pottery business at the time. He created the coatings as a solution to the crippling costs of operating and maintain his kilns. After applying the first original formula – now known as ITC 100HT -  to the interior lining of his kilns, he saw his energy bills decrease by more than 60%.

Upon seeing a consistent sizeable reduction of their utility bills, Feriz’s wife Alice suggested their efforts would be better spent helping other businesses facing similar issues, and International Technical Ceramics, Inc. was formed. Since then, ITC Coatings have been providing solutions to problems faced by major companies in industries such as Steel, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Cement, Brick and Tile Manufacturing, as well as ceramic artists and home hobbyists all over the world.

ITC Ceramic Coatings are a versatile line of high temperature technical industrial coatings that protect and maintain all types of refractory and metal equipment in some of the harshest industrial environments, while also increasing production efficiencies and product quality. ITC Coatings contain no volatile organic compounds, are not harmful to the environment and even help reduce toxic emissions in many instances.

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