Industrial Brick Refractory Coating

ITC Coatings provides the industrial brick refractory coating necessary to take your efficiency to the next level. We serve industrial properties that are looking for a real solution to their inefficiencies and high energy costs.

Our History

Our refractory coating is ideal for a variety of industrial appliances and equipment, including:

  • Kilns

  • Forges

  • Furnaces

  • Ovens

  • Metal equipment

We understand the high-operating cost that is associated with all of these appliances, which is why we provide the industrial brick refractory coating services that we do.

Our goal is to help your kiln or other brick appliance operate more efficiently so that you save money and have higher profits. We ground our services in our experience in the industrial kiln industry.

We started as a ceramic engineer with our own gas kiln. Eventually, we faced debilitating energy costs and needed to find a solution. We developed a coating to line our gas kiln and radically reduced our gas bill from $1800 to $300. The coating that brought us this increase in efficiency and decrease in cost is the same industrial brick refractory coating that we use to help you today.

Once we found this powerful solution to our own problems, we expanded to bring our custom coating to other industrial clients. Our services still are rooted in our personal experience with crushing costs and the relief that we experienced when we developed the solution that we hope to share with you.

Our Benefits

For almost four decades, we have helped industrial clients reduce their fuel consumption with our brick refractory coating. The coating increases the heat efficiency of your appliance, which means that it costs you less to run it.

Our coating also increases your kiln or other appliance's temperature uniformity, which improves the operation. You can rely on the kiln to uniformly heat whatever objects you need to place inside, which can help you standardize results and procedures.

When you're ready for a long-lasting solution to your inefficiencies, come to ITC Coatings for industrial brick refractory coating. Call 412.498.7270 to discover what we can do for you today.