ITC Ceramic Coating Reviews & Testimonials

ITC clients have some great things to say about our coatings. As industry leaders, we develop and manufacture effective ceramic coating solutions for several applications across numerous industries. We consider our products second to none—and our satisfied clients agree. 

View ITC ceramic coating reviews and testimonials below to learn how our heat reflection and insulation solutions help our clients increase efficiency, save energy, and reduce costs.

As a full time maker and ceramic studio manager, it would be a huge mistake for me to not recommend ITC Coatings to anyone working with high temp heat. These products are the safety net we look for, the coat of armor that our equipment deserves, and the next step in saving time and money. Seeing is believing, and with that I highly advocate investing in these energy saving products which can benefit not just your own but everyone’s future as well! Don’t believe me? Let’s talk!
— Jennifer Siegel Clay Studio Manager, NC State University Crafts Center

ITC ceramic protective coatings can offer solutions in extremely harsh industrial processes. ITC has become a versatile tool, one of our “go to” products when dealing with tough thermal and corrosive applications. Ease of application, energy and cost saving, and reduced plant maintenance are few of the advantages that ITC coatings have offered. ITC has been a major player in helping our industrial customer run harder, longer and more efficient.
— Adam Neff, Materials engineer, Ceramic Supply USA, December 2017

Brampton Brick LTD is a world leader in clay brick manufacturing. We maintain this by working with strategic partners and individuals that are leading the industry with new technologies that improve our products and save on operating costs and
downtime. Norheat treatment Inc. introduced Brampton Brick to this world class energy saving technology over the last few years, (ITC) ceramics. Norheat has installed these products in our kilns with great success. The benefits that we have continually achieved since then have made a significant impact. These include saving money in fuel costs and dramatically extending our refractory life. I would fully recommend Norheat and the use of their products in your furnace applications. The team at Norheat and ITC are very knowledgeable, professional and offer great customer service. I look forward to a continued relationship.
— Ziggy Pabla, Brampton Brick LTD, June 2017