ITC ceramic coatings are high-temperature ceramic coatings that can be used for kilns, furnaces, forges, ovens, and metal equipment. ITC 100 ceramic coatings are high-reflective coatings, and they increase the efficiency of firing equipment. They also protect refractory and metal surfaces from heat, wear, and corrosion. 

That being said, ceramic insulation coatings are incredibly environmentally friendly. How so? Here are just a few reasons why these coatings are better for the environment compared to other types of coatings. 

  • First, as stated previously, they help increase the efficiency of firing equipment. Feriz Delkic, the developer of ITC coatings, applied the ITC 100 HT ceramic coating to his kiln, and he saw his energy bills decrease by more than 60%. They are able to decrease energy use because the coatings keep more heat inside the furnaces, forges, kilns, etc. Less energy consumption is much better for the environment.

  • ITC ceramic insulation coatings help extend the life of refractory troughs and pouring components. For example, kiln elements typically last up to 100 firings, but they can last longer if you use ceramic coatings. That means you aren't adding more to the landfills by throwing out equipment as often, and you aren't buying new equipment that requires a significant amount of energy to manufacture.

  • When ceramic coatings are used in kilns, there are usually significant fuel savings because of their high infrared reflectivity. The environment benefits greatly from lower fuel consumption as well.

  • ITC ceramic insulation coatings are non-toxic. They don't endanger users or the environment.

  • ITC products also prevent fire scale. Reducing fire scale saves a lot of metal and an equal amount of waste to dispose of.

The first line of ITC coating was created in 1980. Through the years, continuous innovation and hard work have allowed these coatings to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and expand the life of refractory and metal firing equipment. All of these qualities make ITC ceramic coatings great for the environment.