itc 100 ceramic coating

In order for potters to be able to indulge in their creative process, there are some pieces of equipment they need. In the pottery process, potters use their equipment to bring dry clay to a useable form. Here are some main pieces of equipment that potters simply cannot live without. 


Kilns are used for the firing process, which is arguably the most essential part of pottery. A kiln is a container in which heat builds up to temperatures required to fire ceramics. It is usually used to turn clay into a ceramic material. Kiln elements can typically last up to 100 firings. After that, you will probably need kiln repair services. 

ITC 100 Ceramic Coating

ITC 100 ceramic coating provides innovative high temp ceramic coating for the piece that will be going into the kiln. It acts as ceramic insulation as it reflects and retains heat in order to protect the clay and your kiln. ITC 100 ceramic coating is rated for temperatures up to 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can certainly hold up in a kiln. 

Potter's Wheels

When most people think of pottery, a potter's wheel will come to mind. There are various styles of potter's wheels that have been used in different cultures through the years. Human-powered wheels are ones that use a heavy flywheel attached to a wheelhead. By using hand or leg power, the wheelhead moves as the potter centers or throws the clay, eventually forming the final piece.

Clay Processors

Clay processors prepare the clay for use. For the most part, clay processors are only used by potters who do large amounts of work. Most commercially available clays have already been mixed and pugged. Three main pieces of equipment go into clay processing, including clay mixers, pugmills, and pugger-mixers. Clay mixers mix clay body ingredients and are used to recycle clay scraps. Pug mills homogenize clay that has already been mixed. Pugg-mixers do both.

If you want to start doing pottery as a hobby or a profession, you'll need these types of equipment. They will allow you to create unique and elegant pottery made from your own hands.