ITC 100 ceramic coatings were originally designed for refractory and metal equipment that reaches extremely high temperatures. However, many other industries now use ceramic coatings to enhance heat efficiency, retention, and protection. That includes the auto industry, where ceramic coatings are used in surprising ways. Here is a basic breakdown of why you should maintain the ITC ceramic coating on your car and exactly how to do so.

Why you should maintain it

Although ITC 100 ceramic coatings are made to last, they still require some occasional maintenance to increase their lifespan because they are exposed to the elements. 

Protect the gloss
After the initial ITC 100 application, the finish looks flawless. After time, though, the gloss starts to dull. That's because the light reflects off the surface differently when there are slight dents and imperfections in the coating. Properly maintaining your ceramic coating can help you keep the shine. 

Protect the finish
The coating on your car is exposed to so many environmental elements like high winds, rain, snow, sleet, bugs, and other debris. These can cause the coating to slowly wear away over time through abrasion. Ceramic coatings will protect your paint and finish as long as they are maintained. Otherwise, that debris could go straight through your paint. 

Bead off water
When water hits your car, whether from a wash or the rain, it should bead off because of your ceramic coating. When the water, mud, or snow slides right off the surface of your car, it protects the finish from etching or staining. 

What you can do to maintain it

There are a few things you can do to protect your ceramic coating. First, avoid parking in direct sunlight when you can. You also should try to wash your vehicle by hand when you can instead of going through a car wash. This is important because you want to make sure you wash your car about every two weeks to take care of contaminants. Lastly, you can apply a spray booster every three to four months to fill in minor imperfections and restore the gloss. 

There are five different types of ITC ceramic coatings. These include ITC 148, ITC 100 ceramic coating (high temp), ITC 213 ceramic coating for metals, ITC 296A ceramic top coating, and ITC 200 EZ ceramic repair. No matter what type you have on your car, it's important to protect it. It can help you keep the gloss, protect your finish, and bead water off the paint. The finish on your car will last longer and look much better when you take care of your ceramic coating.